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3 Bay Area Cities Issue Warnings After Rash of Burglaries

Palo Alto, Redwood City and San Carlos police still looking for suspects



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    Police all over the Bay Area are warning homeowners to lock their doors and windows and be aware of anything suspicious in their neighborhoods. This after a rash of burglaries in at least three cities: Palo Alto, San Carlos and Redwood City.

    Palo Alto police are investigating eight break-ins that all happened last Friday. Three occurred at an apartment complex on the 300 block of Sheridan Ave. and another three apartments were hit at a complex on the 400 block of Grant Ave. In both instances, the complexes were in hallways that required keys to get into. The burglars pried open the front doors and then stole electronics and jewelry.

    Police say two homes in the area were also hit.

    While in Redwood City, police say they have received reports of at least 60 burglaries in the past two months. Officers say the thieves posed as painters. They are using surveillance video to try and identify the burglars.

    San Carlos police are also looking into two daytime burglaries that happened last week. In both instances, the thieves entered through rear sliding glass doors.

    There are no arrests in any of the cases.