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Oak Ridge Community Clean-up



     Oak Ridge students have decided to make their environment a better place. They have started a class project to pick up litter around campus and in the adjoining park as well as starting a school wide recycling program. If you have a little time you can make a big difference and get some excercise too.  Lunch time clean-up will be from 11A-12 noon.  We will provide t-shirts for the first five volunteers who sign up.

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    Name of Event: Oak Ridge Community Clean-Up
    Dates: Friday June 4
    Time: 11A-12 noon
    Location: Oak Ridge Elementary School 5920 Bufkin Drive San Jose, CA 95123-4399

    Event max # of Volunteers: none
    Contact: Mrs Marquardt
    Contact Email: Mrs.Marquardt@yahoo.com
    Contact Phone: 408-578-5900 #211
    Age Restrictions: 14 or older
    Type of Work: trash pick-up and pulling weeds
    Attire: Casual clothing
    Items to Bring: comfortable shoes; sunglasses and sun block if outside
    Meals Provided: none
    Beverages Provided: none
    Parking: Street