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BART Seat Lab Opens Today



    BART Seat Lab Opens Today

    BART wants to know what you want in a new seat.  A months-long survey of BART riders starts Monday, and BART has opened a "seat lab" at the Joseph P. Bort Metro Center on 8th Street in Oakland. 

    BART is looking for feedback as it gets ready to replace current train cars with a new fleet. The seats on thenew trains will be different from the current ones -- maybe not in a way riders would like.

    At present, BART trains have some of the widest seats on mass transit trains in the country. That gives riders plenty of room to sit, but it makes the aisles more narrow. The seat lab in Oakland shows off the smaller seats as well as seats made out of different materials.

    The lab will eventually move to community centers, events and BART stations around the Bay Area.

    People who test out the seats get to fill out a survey after wards. BART will take the results of that survey and use them as they design the new train cars.