Broadcast Rules, Contacts for Oct 12 Debate - NBC Bay Area

Broadcast Rules, Contacts for Oct 12 Debate




    Rules for airing the NBC debate on Tuesday, October 12th 2010

    1. At no point can any station alter any part of the broadcast by any means including, changing the size of the picture or adding any graphics over the screen at any time other than to legally identify the station as provided.
    2. If you are authorized to broadcast the Debate you must run broadcast in its entirety.
    3. The program starts at 6:30:00pm with a  :30 acknowledgement of the University and rolls into the show open. This is part of the regional coverage so please do not cover this with other material.
    4. Program feed will include all graphics.
    5. NBC Peacock bug will be in lower right hand corner.
    6. KNTV will leave the lower third of the screen clear of graphics at 7:00pm for  :30 seconds so stations can add a station ID graphic.
    7. To end the program there will be a wide shot for stations to get out at 7:30pm.
    8. Broadcast will not be closed-captioned live from the uplink location. All stations should provide their own captioning in their markets.

    Limit on Use of Content:
    Except for those stations that are authorized, the debate may not be broadcast LIVE or DELAYED, in part or in whole, on any media or other platform.  In news reports, excerpts may be aired with the following restrictions:

    1. No excerpt(s) longer than an aggregate of 2:30 minutes may be used in any single news broadcast at anytime after the live broadcast.
    2. All video excerpts must be accompanied by a visual credit, “Courtesy NBC Bay Area”.