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Concord Kids Face Daytime Curfew

City council considering daytime curfew to cut down on cutting class.



    Concord Kids Face Daytime Curfew
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    UPDATE: Concord city council approved daytime curfew plan Tuesday night. It could go into effect as soon as August 23.


    Concord's city council will vote Tuesday night on a daytime curfew proposal that would cost parents hundreds of dollars if their kids are caught cutting class according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    The proposed curfew would apply during regular school hours.

    If a student is caught in a public place when they are supposed to be in class, they could be fined. Multiple infractions could lead to a fine as much as $500. Their parents could also be fined the same amount.

    The curfew obviously does not apply if the kid is with a parent, running an errand for a parent, dealing with an emergency or participating in a school activity.

    The plan was proposed by Councilman Tim Grayson, who saw a large group of kids hanging out at Todos Santos Plaza when they should have been in school.

    Concord police do conduct truancy sweeps, but at this time they cannot punish the child. Instead, they must drive the student back to school so the school can discipline him or her.

    Mayor Laura Hoffmeister told the Merc she tried to instate a curfew a decade ago, but did not have the support of the Mt. Diablo School District or parents.

    Both now support the proposal.