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Prison Transfer Opens Door To Re-Entry

Bay Area counties can lead the way



    Prison Transfer Opens Door to Re-Entry

    NBC Bay Area editorial encouraging counties to succeed where the state has failed - rehabilitating low-level prisoners. (Published Friday, Oct. 14, 2011)

    The transfer of 33,000 non-violent inmates from state prison to local jails gives our counties the unprecedented opportunity to do what the state has failed to do.  And that is - rehabilitate!

    Counties spend $25,000 per inmate annually - half the $53,000 it costs the state to jail someone.  So, this historic shift of inmates from state to local control not only saves us money, but gives counties millions to expand programs - drug treatment, job training, and education - so that low level offenders can re-enter our communities successfully and productively.

    Past records show almost 70% of our parolees end up back in jail.

    Now, with local communities taking over, NBC Bay Area believes we can and should help these non-violent offenders change their lives.

    With visionary leadership, Bay Area counties can lead the way!

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