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Giants 2009 Schedule



    Why a Long-Weekend Trip to Juneau is Good for the Soul

    Tue, 4/7Brewers1:05p
    Wed, 4/8Brewers7:15p
    Thu, 4/9Brewers4:05p
    Fri, 4/10at Padres7:05p
    Sat, 4/11at Padres7:05p
    Sun, 4/12at Padres1:05p
    Mon, 4/13at Dodgers1:10p
    Wed, 4/15at Dodgers7:10p
    Thu, 4/16at Dodgers7:10p
    Fri, 4/17Diamondbacks7:15p
    Sat, 4/18Diamondbacks1:05p
    Sun, 4/19Diamondbacks1:05p
    Tue, 4/21Padres7:15p
    Wed, 4/22Padres12:45p
    Fri, 4/24at Diamondbacks6:40p
    Sat, 4/25at Diamondbacks5:10p
    Sun, 4/26at Diamondbacks1:10p
    Mon, 4/27Dodgers7:15p
    Tue, 4/28Dodgers7:15p
    Wed, 4/29Dodgers7:15p
    Fri, 5/1Rockies7:15p
    Sat, 5/2Rockies1:05p
    Sun, 5/3Rockies1:05p
    Mon, 5/4at Cubs5:05p
    Tue, 5/5at Cubs11:20a
    Wed, 5/6at Rockies5:40p
    Thu, 5/7at Rockies12:10p
    Fri, 5/8at Dodgers7:10p
    Sat, 5/9at Dodgers12:40p
    Sun, 5/10at Dodgers1:10p
    Mon, 5/11Nationals7:15p
    Tue, 5/12Nationals7:15p
    Wed, 5/13Nationals12:45p
    Thu, 5/14Mets7:15p
    Fri, 5/15Mets7:15p
    Sat, 5/16Mets1:10p
    Sun, 5/17Mets5:00p
    Tue, 5/19at Padres7:05p
    Wed, 5/20at Padres7:05p
    Thu, 5/21at Padres7:05p
    Fri, 5/22at Mariners7:10p
    Sat, 5/23at Mariners7:10p
    Sun, 5/24at Mariners1:10p
    Mon, 5/25Braves1:05p
    Tue, 5/26Braves7:15p
    Wed, 5/27Braves7:15p
    Fri, 5/29Cardinals7:15p
    Sat, 5/30Cardinals6:05p
    Sun, 5/31Cardinals1:05p
    Tue, 6/2at Nationals4:05p
    Wed, 6/3at Nationals4:05p
    Thu, 6/4at Nationals4:05p
    Fri, 6/5at Marlins4:10p
    Sat, 6/6at Marlins3:10p
    Sun, 6/7at Marlins2:05p
    Mon, 6/8at Marlins4:10p
    Tue, 6/9at Diamondbacks6:40p
    Wed, 6/10at Diamondbacks6:40p
    Thu, 6/11at Diamondbacks12:40p
    Fri, 6/12Athletics7:15p
    Sat, 6/13Athletics7:05p
    Sun, 6/14Athletics1:05p
    Mon, 6/15Angels7:15p
    Tue, 6/16Angels7:15p
    Wed, 6/17Angels12:45p
    Fri, 6/19Rangers7:15p
    Sat, 6/20Rangers6:05p
    Sun, 6/21Rangers1:05p
    Mon, 6/22at Athletics7:05p
    Tue, 6/23at Athletics7:05p
    Wed, 6/24at Athletics7:05p
    Fri, 6/26at Brewers5:05p
    Sat, 6/27at Brewers4:05p
    Sun, 6/28at Brewers11:05a
    Mon, 6/29at Cardinals5:15p
    Tue, 6/30at Cardinals5:15p
    Wed, 7/1at Cardinals5:15p
    Thu, 7/2at Cardinals4:15p
    Fri, 7/3Astros7:15p
    Sat, 7/4Astros1:05p
    Sun, 7/5Astros1:05p
    Mon, 7/6Marlins7:15p
    Tue, 7/7Marlins7:15p
    Wed, 7/8Marlins12:45p
    Thu, 7/9Padres7:15p
    Fri, 7/10Padres7:15p
    Sat, 7/11Padres6:05p
    Sun, 7/12Padres1:05p
    Fri, 7/17at Pirates4:05p
    Sat, 7/18at Pirates4:05p
    Sun, 7/19at Pirates10:35a
    Mon, 7/20at Braves4:10p
    Tue, 7/21at Braves4:10p
    Wed, 7/22at Braves4:10p
    Thu, 7/23at Braves10:10a
    Fri, 7/24at Rockies6:10p
    Sat, 7/25at Rockies5:10p
    Sun, 7/26at Rockies12:10p
    Mon, 7/27Pirates7:15p
    Tue, 7/28Pirates7:15p
    Wed, 7/29Pirates12:45p
    Thu, 7/30Phillies7:15p
    Fri, 7/31Phillies7:15p
    Sat, 8/1Phillies6:05p
    Sun, 8/2Phillies1:05p
    Mon, 8/3at Astros5:05p
    Tue, 8/4at Astros5:05p
    Wed, 8/5at Astros11:05a
    Fri, 8/7Reds7:15p
    Sat, 8/8RedsTBD
    Sun, 8/9Reds1:05p
    Mon, 8/10Dodgers7:15p
    Tue, 8/11Dodgers7:15p
    Wed, 8/12Dodgers12:45p
    Fri, 8/14at Mets4:10p
    Sat, 8/15at Mets4:10p
    Sun, 8/16at Mets10:10a
    Mon, 8/17at Mets4:10p
    Tue, 8/18at Reds4:10p
    Wed, 8/19at Reds4:10p
    Thu, 8/20at Reds9:35a
    Fri, 8/21at Rockies6:10p
    Sat, 8/22at Rockies5:10p
    Sun, 8/23at Rockies12:10p
    Mon, 8/24at Rockies5:40p
    Tue, 8/25Diamondbacks7:15p
    Wed, 8/26Diamondbacks7:15p
    Thu, 8/27Diamondbacks7:15p
    Fri, 8/28Rockies7:15p
    Sat, 8/29Rockies6:05p
    Sun, 8/30Rockies1:05p
    Tue, 9/1at Phillies4:05p
    Wed, 9/2at Phillies4:05p
    Thu, 9/3at Phillies4:05p
    Fri, 9/4at Brewers5:05p
    Sat, 9/5at Brewers1:05p
    Sun, 9/6at Brewers11:05a
    Mon, 9/7Padres1:05p
    Tue, 9/8Padres7:15p
    Wed, 9/9Padres12:45p
    Fri, 9/11Dodgers7:15p
    Sat, 9/12Dodgers6:05p
    Sun, 9/13Dodgers1:05p
    Mon, 9/14Rockies7:15p
    Tue, 9/15Rockies7:15p
    Wed, 9/16Rockies7:15p
    Fri, 9/18at DodgersTBD
    Sat, 9/19at Dodgers1:10p
    Sun, 9/20at Dodgers1:10p
    Mon, 9/21at Diamondbacks6:40p
    Tue, 9/22at Diamondbacks6:40p
    Wed, 9/23at Diamondbacks6:40p
    Thu, 9/24Cubs7:15p
    Fri, 9/25Cubs7:15p
    Sat, 9/26Cubs6:05p
    Sun, 9/27Cubs1:05p
    Tue, 9/29Diamondbacks7:15p
    Wed, 9/30Diamondbacks7:15p
    Thu, 10/1Diamondbacks12:45p
    Fri, 10/2at Padres7:05p
    Sat, 10/3at Padres7:05p
    Sun, 10/4at Padres1:05p