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Bryan Stow Out of Medical Facility

Bryan Stow now living with two other people with similar injuries in a rehab center.



    The Dos and Don'ts of Good Sleep
    Bryan Stow before the attack.

    Injured Giants fan Bryan Stow is taking another step forward on his road to recovery.

    Stow's family said on their blog that he was transferred out of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center last week to a location that appears to be outside of the Bay Area.

    Stow was beaten outside Dodger Stadium on Opening Day last year. He suffered severe brain damage.

    In Sunday's blog post, Stow's family did not list his new location but said there were no rehabs close to home.

    The blog added, "(Bryan) shares an apartment with 2 other TBI patients and has someone with him at all times helping him. He still needs someone to transfer him to and from his chair, dress him, make his meals, etc."

    Apparently the move has been hard on him. He has had trouble sleeping and at one point he admitted he was scared.

    Stow's family said that one of them is with him at all times.  His mother has taken a leave of absence from work in order to make that happen.

    Exclusive: A Day in the Life of Bryan Stow

    [BAY] Exclusive: A Day in the Life of Bryan Stow
    For the first time we hear from Stow's friends about the attack outside Dodger Stadium.
    (Published Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011)

    The 43-year-old is working on learning how to move to and from his chair, dress himself and make his own meals. The new therapy center should help him do that, according to his family.

    It has been an up and down road for Stow. He celebrated his birthday last month. His family threw him a surprise party with a group of close friends. Unfortunately, Stow did not remember the party the next day. His short term memory continues to be a problem.

    Stow was injured last year after the opening day game at Dodger Stadium. The two men accused of brutally beating him are still awaiting trial.