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International Innovators is a TV and Digital Media Series that profiles countries and companies that are creating innovation every day. Whether it's the latest in high tech, Green Technology, or the latest in wireless mobile applications, International Innovators profiles companies that are making a difference in our everyday lives.

全球创新者International Innovators是一个电视和数字媒体系列宣传片,目的在于从侧面反映出那些具有创新理念的公司乃至国家。无论是最前沿的高科技、清洁能源技术、还是 最新的无线移动应用,全球创新者所关注的就是那些为我们的生活带来深刻改变的公司。



In this edition of International Innovators we traveled around the world and explored four innovative companies making amazing technology breakthroughs, including Pactera Technology, Foxit Corporation, Qihoo 360 and Huawei. View the entire show here!










In this edition, we take a look at Hangzhou, China and explore its traditions of Chinese planning and innovations, as well as it's role in global business-highlighting two innovative companies.








In this edition, we take a look at Shenzhen, China, known to many, "China's Silicon Valley", as well as three companies making amazing technological breakthroughs.