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Jokes Over Nudist Ordinance Just Won't Stop

Supervisors poke fun at Wiener's nudist ordinance.



    Jokes Over Nudist Ordinance Just Won't Stop

    San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener arrived at Tuesday's board meeting to find a napkin lying on his seat -- a nod to legislation he introduced last week proposing restrictions on public nudists in the city.

    The napkin was placed on the seat as a joke by Supervisor Sean Elsbernd, who Wiener said "has taken a special interest in my public sanitary habits" since the legislation was introduced.

    The proposed ordinance would require those going naked in public to cover public seating with a napkin, towel or other item before sitting  down. Nudists would also have to put on clothes before entering restaurants in the city.

    The legislation, which Wiener has said is not banning public nudity, but merely ensuring public health standards are maintained by the nudists, got headlines around the country and world.

    During the time for supervisors to introduce new legislation at today's meeting, Wiener declined to propose any new ordinances.

    "I apologize," he said, tongue firmly in cheek, "that this week's introductions won't go internationally viral."