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Lawyers In Barry Bonds Trial Turn To Facebook



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    Bonds' indictment for lying under oath about his use of performing enhancing drugs didn't stop the ex-Giants slugger from having a good time. Bonds' hometown crowd reportedly cheered as he threw out the ceremonial first pitch on Game 3.

    Lawyers in the Barry Bonds perjury trial will begin the process of jury selection today. Jurors will fill out a 19-page questionnaire covering everything from their name to the number of baseball games they attended.

    Jury selection begins next week. As lawyers filter through the potential jurors, they will be looking at social media sites like Facebook to see if they can find out how each person feels about Bonds. It has apparently become a common practice. If a juror writes something derisive about Bonds on their Facebook page, Bonds' lawyers are likely to dismiss him or her.

    Bonds faces charges he lied to a grand jury about taking steroids.