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Marie Callender's Suddenly Closes Some Restaurants

Employees arrive at work to find doors shut.



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    Without warning, Marie Callender's has shut 13 of its California restaurants, including a number of them in the Bay Area.

    Restaurant goers at the Santa Rosa location were stunned Sunday afternoon when they showed up and found a sign announcing the shop's closure, according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

    "They said, 'Corporate was here. We're closing the doors and we need to bring our keys," Emma Ormsby told the paper.

    While no list of closures has been released, the SFGate reports the Concord and Walnut Creek locations were also closed.

    Perkins Marie Callender's Inc., which owns the restaurants filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this morning (Monday). The company says reduced consumer spending along with an increased cost for things like sugar, eggs and coffee led to the trouble.

    About 65 locations were closed nationwide, meaning about 2,500 people lost their jobs.