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California's Plastic Bag Ban Fails

Politicians Trash Environmental Progress



    And now, an NBC Bay Area Editorial...

    California politicians have again failed to lead. We could have been the first in the nation to have a full ban on single use plastic bags, but no, special interests killed the bill.

    I'm Suzanne Shaw [NBC Bay Area Editorial Director]

    A statewide ban on plastic bags would have been a bold step in reducing pollution. Grocers and retailers were finally in support. But plastic bag lobbyists, based in Virginia, had more influence on our state Senate than California environmentalists.

    California's Plastic Bag Ban Fails

    [BAY] California's Plastic Bag Ban Fails
    Suzanne Shaw, NBC Bay Area Editorial Director asks why our legislators struck down a bill that would have saved both California taxpayers and the environment.
    (Published Friday, Sept. 10, 2010)

    Want to save money? Stop spending $25 million a year to collect and bury the $19 billion plastic bags that aren't recycled.

    San Francisco and Palo Alto already banned the plastic tumbleweed. Now, all local governments should agree on a uniform ban. Since our state politicians have dropped the ball, it's up to us... protect the planet!

    That's what we think, tell us what you think.

    [Editorial} Plastic Bag Response

    [BAY] [Editorial} Plastic Bag Response
    Plastic Bag Response
    (Published Friday, Aug. 5, 2011)

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