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Rash New Rules Fence Farmers In

The Growing Threat to Organic Farming



    And now, An NBC Bay Area Editorial...

    If you care about organic farming, growing safe, nutritious food while also protecting the environment, it's time to speak up!

    I'm Suzanne Shaw (NBC Bay Area Editorial Director)

    The E.Coli outbreaks of 2006 triggered a rash of new rules, which could destroy countless natural habitats, force small farmers out of business, and make organic farming, less organic.

    Rash New Rules Fence Farmers In

    [BAY] Rash New Rules Fence Farmers In
    Are new regulations for growers necessary to protect the public's safety? The FDA wants to know what you think.
    (Published Thursday, June 24, 2010)

    We think farmers should keep their vegetative buffers between crops and livestock, to harbor good insects and trap pathogens.

    But some groups want to eliminate all habitat around our crops, from wildlife to wetlands, and replace beneficial organic barriers with fences and dead zones. Although the goal is food safety, the policies are counter-productive and not good science.

    Take a stand! The House has a bill, The Senate another bill, and the FDA is asking for your input.

    Organic Farming: Your Viewer Responses

    [BAY] Organic Farming: Your Viewer Responses
    Suzanne Shaw, NBC Bay Area Editorial Director highlights viewer feedback
    (Published Thursday, June 24, 2010)


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