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Terrell Owens Works Out - No One Cares

Owens tries to show he can return to NFL, but no one shows up.



    Terrell Owens Works Out - No One Cares

    Former 49er Terrell Owens is trying to show he's ready to return to the NFL. Too bad teams don't care.

    Owens held a workout in southern California Tuesday to show he has overcome a knee injury and is ready to return to the pros. Eight reporters showed up and zero NFL scouts according to the LA Times.

    When asked if he was upset about no one showing up, Owens told the Times, "Why would I be upset? Like I said, I'm a realist. Everybody knows that I'm honest. So it doesn't bother me that nobody is here. But that doesn't mean nobody is interested.

    We know two teams that aren't.

    When asked earlier this week if he was interested in Owens, 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh said he didn't even know Owens was working out.

    Raiders Head Coach Hue Jackson said, "I'm not actively chasing Terrell Owens. No. I don't know that he's healthy yet. I think that anyone can improve the team, but I think we have to improve the team from the inside out first."

    Owens agent is sending tapes of the workout to all 32 NFL teams. 37-year-old Owens is aiming high for what team he wants to play for.

    He told the Times, "I feel like I want to go to a team that's a contender and obviously compete for a championship. I think there are some teams, if you look around the league, you can't say that I can't play on any of those teams."

    Among those on the field watching Owens workout, 49ers and Raiders great Jerry Rice.