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Tree Falls on Car, 1 Killed

Highway 13 in Oakland shut down for hours as crews work the scene.



    Tree Falls on Car, 1 Killed
    A tree fell across Highway 13 in Oakland, killing one motorist.

    Crews called to the scene of a deadly accident in Oakland near Park Blvd. Thursday morning. A person driving on Hwy. 13 slams into a tree that just fell across the roadway, another car slammed into the first car.

    Two people were trapped inside the cars. One person was killed. The other was taken to a local hospital.

    They were not even able to call for help. Neighbors say they heard the crack as the tree broke and then screaming coming from the accident scene. They were the ones to call 911.

    The accident happened around 4:20 a.m. When rescue crews arrived they immediately pulled out chainsaws to try and get the people out.

    Car crashes into downed tree, killing one inside

    [BAY] Car crashes into downed tree, killing one inside
    Breaking News: On Hwy 13 in Oakland near Park Boulevard, a car crashed into a downed tree, killing one inside. It is unclear whether it was the driver or the passenger that was killed. The other was trapped inside and taken to a hospital with injuries. All southbound lanes are closed while the CHP clears the scene. It is estimated to be at least 2 hours before the lanes are reopened. It is unknown what caused the tree to fall.
    (Published Thursday, March 15, 2012)

    The Alameda County Coroner arrived at the scene just after 6 a.m.

    The highway is expected to reopen after investigators examine the tree. They are trying to figure out if it was a collision that caused the tree to fall or the erosion of the ground because of all the rain.