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Why NBA Labor Talks Matter to the San Jose Sharks

Possible sign of things to come?



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    The San Jose Sharks are keeping an eye on the NBA labor talks.

    The NHL collective bargaining agreement expires in September 2012 and the players don't want to end up in a mess like their basketball counterparts. They also don't want to cave when it comes to labor demands.

    "For me, the players have to stay strong as a union," forward Ryane Clowe told CSN Bay Area. "I'm not sure of the exact details, or the numbers or what they're looking for, but hopefully the players decided beforehand what they wanted, they're sticking with it, and that's how it should be."

    Most experts think there will be an 11th hour deal. After all, the 2004-'05 lockout is still fresh in players' minds. The lockout lasted 310 days, putting an end to the entire season.

    For comparison, the NBA lockout is 140 days old as of Thursday. So far, games are canceled until Dec. 15, but that could soon change.