Get it Right The First Time

Prevent Costly Remediation For College Students

We ended 2011 with news that budgets for higher education will get cut again. So, we start 2012 with a plea.

Let’s be smarter this year!  This year, let’s get more bang for our education dollar.
60 percent of the freshmen at Cal State University are not ready!  They need remedial English or remedial math or both.  Sixty percent!

So let's spend what it takes to get it right in preschool, elementary and high school and save college funds for college-level teaching. 

NBC Bay area believes that money spent on early education pays big dividends later on.  Whether it’s teaching English literacy earlier, or giving a fourth grader extra math help, what we spend to keep students engaged and successful when they’re young, saves us a lot of dollars down the road. 

That’s our view. Share yours

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