Are We Failing Our Children?

And now, an NBC Bay Area Editorial:

California's latest drop-out rate proves we're in the midst of an epidemic; 22% of our teenagers leave high school before they graduate. The really troubled cities see drop-out rates of 40%! With almost a quarter of our kids turning their backs on school, we are failing a generation.

As a nation, we're falling behind world leaders, Chinese students score first in reading, math and science, far outpacing us. Compared to over 30 countries, the U.S. ranks mediocre.

Global demand for highly educated workers is growing. But U.S. production of post-grad degrees is stagnant. We've fallen from 1st place to 9th in our percentage of students with college degrees. This can't continue.

We believe our education system needs radical change. Let's put students first, check out studentsfirst.org and share your thoughts with us below.

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