Arizona’s New Immigration Law

Protecting the State or Creating a Police State?

And now, an NBC Bay Area Editorial...

Arizona's new immigration law is a knee-jerk reaction to Washington's in-action.

I'm Suzanne Shaw, NBC Bay Area Editorial Director.

Making police demand papers from anyone who looks undocumented promotes racial profiling and harassment!

Arizona's exiles will flood California.

Boycotts by San Francisco and others will backfire.

And we'll create a bigger black market for counterfeit documents.

These moves do nothing to solve our national immigration problem. Congress has wasted years debating and Arizonans are frustrated.

But how can we say, "all men are created equal" except for the ones without papers? Our nation was built on the backs of immigrants.

We need national immigration reform. We need the taxes workers should be paying for education and health care.

Immigrants aren't going away. They'll just go deeper underground.

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