Keep California Jobs In California!

Close the jobs-killing tax loophole

With our state legislators back home, it’s time they listen to voters.
We need jobs, and they need to close tax loopholes that drive jobs away.
The Legislative Analyst says we could grow 40,000 jobs and raise a billion dollars a year if we simply close a loophole benefitting companies that expand out-of-state.
That loophole is one reason Bay Area’s Genentech built its new plant in Oregon.
And now Intel plans to spend $7billion in Arizona and Oregon.
Other states offer significant tax incentives we don’t match.  And this California loophole makes it worse, giving out-of-state companies tax breaks for not hiring here and not building here.
How much business are we trying to lose?
NBC Bay Area urges you to contact your representatives.
Demand that they close the corporate loophole!

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