Latino Students Lagging Behind

And now, an NBC Bay Area Editorial:

I’m Suzanne Shaw.

Don’t be fooled by headlines about steady improvement in our schools.

One of the sad stories behind STAR test results is the failure of public education to serve the system's largest ethnic group:

 - Latinos now comprise nearly 51% of our K-12 students.
-  Roughly 40% of our kindergartners are English learners.
- Yet only 56% of English learners go on to graduate.

NBC Bay Area believes we need to beef up English language instruction in preschool and kindergarten so that all children can read and write and be successful in class at an early age.   Sure it costs money, but far less than we spend “remediating” year after year.

When we help Latino children achieve literacy early, we help all students.

Push for these goals at your schools.

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