NBC Bay Area’s Resolutions for 2010

Let's make California better in 2010

Here are NBC Bay Area's resolutions for the Bay Area and California in 2010:

1 - Set a date and a format for a California Constitutional Convention.  Our top priority must be to engage all Californians in reform and avoid special interests.

2 - Demand that state and local school officials fix our schools using data and smart decisions, not ideology.  Then fund that process.

3 - Get more aggressive in our reduction of greenhouse gasses through public policy and voluntary actions.

4 - Demand that our elected officials set aside party politics and represent the people to get more done in Sacramento.

It's an election year.  We have more power than ever to communicate with our elected officials and to use our votes to bring about change.

What are your resolutions for the Bay Area?  Let us know by leaving a comment below or sending an email to editorials@NBCBayArea.com.

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