Governor Brown’s Budget

Penny Wise not Party Foolish

And now, an NBC Bay Area Editorial:

Governor Brown's right, we have to dump the gimmicks and truly balance the budget. The question is, do our legislators have the courage to face the backlash from their own parties and special interests?

I'm Suzanne Shaw (NBC Bay Area Editorial Director)

Already, we're hearing the same old arguments that got us into this mess. Democrats don't want to cut programs or offend public employees. Republicans don't even want to put taxes on the ballot, to let us decide!

NBC Bay Area believes politicians answers to us, not the unions or out of the state activists like tax reformer Grover Norquist.

Illinois, the only state with a worse credit rating than California, now faces tax hikes of 66%. To avoid that, urge your representatives to do what's right not what's popular, make the cuts, extend the taxes and finally balance the budget!

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