High-Speed Rail – Don’t Stop Now

NBC Bay Area believes bills to kill the bullet train are premature.

Legislation has been introduced to kill all plans for high-speed rail. NBC Bay Area thinks it’s premature to pull the plug.

The new high-speed rail leadership has just forged new partnerships with regional rail lines.
Cal Train, for example, would get a share of bullet train funds to upgrade and electrify their existing rails.  This would serve all of us in the Bay Area much sooner than the original plans. 

In 20 years, California’s population is expected to reach almost 50 million people.  We have to improve our transportation network to support a 21st century economy.  And we agree with Governor Brown, given a choice between building more freeways and more airport runways, high-speed rail is the better alternative. 

Constructive criticism will continue to force important revisions. But let’s keep planning.

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