Legislature Resists Will of People

Lawsuit Challenges Controller's Authority to Dock Pay

Voters are fed up with phony budgets.  That’s why we passed two laws to force legislators to submit a balanced budget on time or forfeit their pay until they do.  So last June, when Governor Brown vetoed the budget because it wasn’t balanced, State Controller Chiang docked their pay, just as voters demanded.

But now, the legislature has filed suit challenging the Controller's authority to decide what’s balanced.   So, they’ll spend our precious tax dollars in a court fight.
It’s bad enough voters had to threaten lawmakers with lost wages to get them to do their jobs, now they’re suing because they don’t like the consequences?

Well, we’re fed up!  And we suspect you are too. 

Californians deserve honest on-time budgets from a legislature willing to do its job.  No excuses!

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