May 15 Teacher Deadline Looms

School districts must give final layoff slips to teachers who were previously put on notice that they may lose their jobs.

It’s layoff season.

In May, more than 20,000 public school teachers and staff will learn if they’ve lost their jobs. 

California protects teacher seniority by using a “last hired, first fired” policy.

And since new, young teachers are almost always first to go, we're in danger of losing a generation of teachers.

San Francisco and Oakland are challenging the seniority doctrine.

They argue students -- especially those in low-performing schools -- need the most effective teachers, regardless of seniority.  

NBC Bay Area supports this change and endorses the idea of giving local districts greater discretion over how they spend -- and how they cut. 

The rights of senior employees do need protection, but our schools’ first priority is to educate, and we think locally-elected school officials should have the flexibility to do what's best for students. 

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