NBC Bay Area 2009 Editorials

Opinions, dialog and solutions

This year, NBC Bay Area Editorials addressed some of the Bay Area's toughest challenges:  California's budget crisis, unaffordable health care and cuts to education.

We called for a Constitutional Convention - and the use of technology - to engage more people in the fixing of state government because reform cannot be left to special interests.

We said health care reform must address the uninsured and the undocumented.

With your help, and that of the United Way, the Healthy Families Act passed, restoring health care to 680,000 California kids.

We called the ban on gay marriage discrimination, not marriage protection.

Guest editorials included AT&T's campaign to invest in education and reduce the high school dropout rate.

With you, we are creating an open dialog, free of the agendas that can slow progress.

So let's continue into the new year. Leave your comments below, or email us:  editorials@NBCBayArea.com.

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