"On Thin Ice" was recently awarded the American Meteorological Society's pretigious "Excellence in Scientific Reporting" award for "..highlighting the dramatic effects of Earth’s warming climate in Alaska and its future impacts on the San Francisco Bay area."

In Alaska, not only is climate change real, its happening really fast.

Our trip from Seattle to Skagway took in many wonderful views seen here with help from guest videographer, my wife Sarah. The line on the horizon here still shows ice, but some glaciers here are retreating by a couple miles per decade. That kind of change in such a short amount of time was stunning to see up close.

What we saw in Alaska inspired a closer look at climate change occurring near the Arctic and closer to the Bay Area in our NBC Bay Area news special, “On Thin Ice”.

To get to know more about the human element on climate change: check out – http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/campaig…

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