Is the Sun Setting on Our State Parks?

70 Parks Now Face Closure

And now, an NBC Bay Area Editorial:

This year, dozens of state parks, historic sites, even beaches will start closing.

I'm Suzanne Shaw, Editorial Director

From The Salton Sea in the south to six redwood state parks in the north, 1/4 of California state parks could be off limits next year.

What can we do? Take your family, hike, camp, fish, visit them while you still can. Henry Coe, Samuel P. Taylor, Tomales Bay, Mono Lake, Moss Landing, they're among 70 parks closing.

NBC Bay Area urges you to tell your legislators you support two bills:

SB 580: To Preseve state parks from sale and development
AB 42 : Allowing parks to be run by new public/private partnerships, like cities and counties joining with nonprofits to keep some parks clean.

Find out how you can help here.

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