Too Toxic for Our Toddlers

Ban BPA, Support AB 1319

And now an NBC Bay Area Editorial:

Millions of babies in California are exposed to the harmful toxin BPA, not in the air, but in their baby bottles. Nine states have already restricted BPA, California should be the tenth.

I'm Suzanne Shaw (NBC Bay Area Editorial Director)

BPA is a synthetic hormone used in plastics, including sippy cups and baby bottles. The chemical can leach into children's drinks. Studies show BPA is linked to serious problems, including early puberty and cancer.

Canada was first to ban BPA in baby bottles. The European Union was next. Now, China is considering a ban.

We believe, as with so many reforms, the Bay Area can make the difference for California, demand that we limit the use of BPA.

We support Assembly Bill 1319. Don't let the chemical lobbyists barter with our babies' health.

Help AB 1319 become law.

EDITORIAL UPDATE:  After our taping of "Another Viewpoint", we received this rebuttal from American Chemistry Council. 

"Approved by FDA  and the European Food Safety Authority as safe for use in food contact, BPA is used in products such as shatter-resistant polycarbonbate bottles and materials like durable epoxy liners that protect the safety and integrity of canned foods and beverages. The science-based consensus of many government agencies across the world is that BPA is safe for use in products that contact food."

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