Blue and Gold and in the Red

Open the Door to Public Policy Making

For the sixth time in four years, UC Regents have raised tuitions. We understand the need to raise revenue. What's wrong is the lack of transparency in how these decisions are made and why there is no means for appeal.

I'm Suzanne Shaw (NBC Bay Area Editorial Director)

NBC Bay Area believes The Regents' closed door sessions should end. We have the right to know what alternatives are discussed. What cuts are made at the top, in the layers in between president, chancellors, vice-chancellors and deans?

And why are 18 out of 26 Regents appointed for 12 year terms? Where's the accountability? For a world-class public university, the taxpayers' university, we deserve more democracy.

We urge our new Governor, Jerry Brown, official President of The Regents, to open all the meetings and the debate!

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