Volunteers needed for Data Collection at City Parks and Trails on September 15

 Trail Count 2010 Overview

San Jose has over 54 miles of trails with plans for an additional 46 miles – data collection from Trail Count supports grant writing. Gathering data as part of Trail Count helps to lead San Jose towards a better integrated transportation system. Join us for this one day effort to collect the needed information!

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Date:September 15, 2010

Time:6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Location: Three 12-hour count stations
No. 1 Guadalupe River Trail @ Coleman Avenue
No. 2 Guadalupe River Trail @ Park Avenue
No. 3 Los Gatos Creek Trail @ Hamilton Avenue

Four peak hour count stations are to be located at:
No. 4 Los Gatos Creek Trail @ Auzerais Avenue
No. 5 Coyote Creek Trail @ Tasman Drive
No. 7 Highway 87 Bikeway @ Tamien Station
No. 8 Coyote Creek Trail @ Capitol Exp

- Trail counters are asked to volunteer for 2 hours (minimum).
- Count and categorize trail users as Bicyclists, Walkers/Runners and Other (wheel chair users, Segway, etc.).
- Hand out a survey post card to interested parties (directs trail users to an on-line survey).

- City staff will contact your designated coordinator to review the data collection process and procedures for set up and take down of the count station.
- City staff will visit your count station early in the day to check in, respond to questions and offer support.
- Data collection sheets are provided.
- Survey post cards are provided.

Meals/Water: Please bring your own

Contact:Parkvolunteer@sanjoseca.gov 408-535-3588

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