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2018 Obon Season



    2018 Obon Season
    San Jose Japantown Obon Festival, 2017

    The Japanese-American community invites everyone to come out to one of the many Obon festivals throughout the Bay Area this summer!

    According to the Japanese Buddhist tradition, this early summer festival marks the return of spirits from the grave, as families welcome departed ancestors into their homes for a few days.

    Despite the somber association, Obon is a time for family celebration through song and dance.

    Head to an Obon festival near you and see dancers in colorful, festive attire, synchronized in the summer sun!

    Game booths, food, and taiko drumming performances all included!

    San Jose Japantown - July 14 & 15

    San Francisco Japantown - July 21 & 22

    Mountain View - July 21 & 22, 2018

    Sebastopol - July 14