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Cinequest Returns to San Jose

Film Festival in Silicon Valley



    Cinequest Returns to San Jose


    CINEQUEST: a dynamic company with a two decade track record holds the strategic position of successfully integrating the worlds of creativity and technological innovation to empower and transform lives…for the better.

    • CINEQUEST Film Festival (CQFF): showcases emerging and legendary artists, premiere films and break through innovations--empowering the connection between artist and innovator.

    • CINEQUEST Picture The Possibilities (PTP): a global leadership and youth movement to drive transformations in lives and communities worldwide. PTP empowers global youth to turn their stories and visions for a better tomorrow into film and to partner with leaders to create change.

    • PTP World Premiere Event during CQFF: Simultaneously connecting media, business, entertainment and political leaders around the globe to interact with PTP films (and each other) and to create changes in the lives and communities of participants.

    Feb. 28 – Mar. 11, 2012

    Cinequest’s sister company, Cinequest Mavericks Studio LLC, produces, distributes and markets innovative and transformative motion pictures