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Eskabo Daan Influence and Celebration



    Eskabo Daan Influence and Celebration

    On March 21st, 2017, history was made with Bay Area martial arts group Eskabo Daan taking Best Martial Arts group in the Bay Area on the Bay Area A-List. This is the 5th year in a row Eskabo Daan won and is the only Filipino martial arts group to win Best in the Bay, cementing their legacy into history.

    Yet, this movement is more than just martial arts. They also stand for family and loyalty, which have started to spread to other communities.

    Students from all backgrounds are welcome to become culturally immersed in the Filipino culture. They teach students how to be confident, to work smart, not hard and how to never feel afraid again of walking the streets alone at night! The art was founded by Grand Master Robert Castro who has over thirty years of experience under his belt.

    Though this is an accomplishment Eskabo Daan is celebrating, it still believes their work is far from over and will continue to promote and propagate Filipino martial arts world-wide, one venue at a time.


    To learn more about the group or to sign up for classes click here!