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Silicon Valley Asian Pacific FilmFest 2019



    Battle of the Bays: The Backstory You Need

    The Silicon Valley Asian Pacific FilmFest is a project committed to promoting and showcasing stories that capture and reflect the history, the contributions, the diversity, the aspirations, the interests of the Asian Pacific immigrants and residents, rich and poor, young and old, who are living and working in, and shaping the present and future of life in the Silicon Valley.

    It’s important because Silicon Valley, the preeminent center of international and domestic commerce, cultural exchange and high tech development on the Pacific Rim, has the largest population and workforce of people of Asian Pacific heritage, with a high percentage having college degrees. Also, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have contributed greatly to the building of Silicon Valley and the technology we use today. The stories that reflect their history, diversity, challenges, achievements, and successes have yet to be told. Silicon Valley Asian Pacific FilmFest provides the opportunity to showcase these aspirational and inspirational tales by giving a platform for the many voices in this valley.

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    Feature Films

    Love Boat: Taiwan - Sold Out!

    Norman Mineta and His Legacy: An American Story

    Alternative Facts: The Lies of Executive Order 9066

    Mayor Ed Lee

    Find Me

    Dating After College

    Finding the Virgo

    Chinatown Rising

    Happy Cleaners


    Feature Shorts

    Going Home - West Coast Premiere!

    Japantown: A Walk Through Memory

    Moon and the Night

    Zoetic - Just Added!

    My Mother, Myself, and I

    In Full Bloom

    Finding Nasseebi

    Dear Fay

    The Six - Special Trailer Screening!

    WHEN: November 1-3, 2019

    WHERE: CineArts Theater in Santana Row, San Jose