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The High Risks of Cutting Higher Ed

California needs more, not fewer college grads



    The Governor’s latest budget threatens to slash higher education.  NBC Bay Area believes that’s the wrong course of action.

    State funding for the Cal State system has already dropped 30% in 5 years.  Our vast higher education network should not be forced - year after year - to raise fees, drop classes and turn students away.

    And California’s middle class should not be squeezed out of our state funded colleges and universities.
    We are already suffering a skills gap—and a shortage of advanced degrees.  Only half of our 420,000 2-year college students earn certificates.  And by 2025, our shortage of college grads is expected to hit 1,000,000!

    So, if we really want to build a stronger California, we have to support a more educated workforce, and stop the cuts!

    NBC Bay Area Editorial 1_13

    [BAY] NBC Bay Area Editorial 1_13
    NBC Bay Area protesting continued cuts to California higher education
    (Published Friday, Jan. 13, 2012)

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