• Activities for Kids Apr 12, 2021

    Don't Miss Sugar Rush: A Kid's Dream Come True

    It’s like Willy Wonka swiped right on Alice in Wonderland. Welcome to Sugar Rush, an over-the-top magical candy land adventure with live performances. For your kiddos that have been in quarantine for the past year, this thrilling experience will get all that cooped-up energy out. Kim attests to the “rush.” Open now through May 2nd.

  • activities during COVID Mar 1, 2021

    Malou Solves Clues to Uncover a Mystery Picnic

    Every now and then, we all need a little mystery in our lives to spice things up. Our Malou is always up for an adventure, so we put her on a fun scavenger hunt for a mystery picnic curated by AmazingCo Experiences. To enjoy a delicious picnic, she’ll need to solve a series of digital clues and riddles that will...

  • activities during COVID Jan 30, 2021

    Ross' Epic Whale Watching Adventure

    Climb aboard the Sea Wolf II as Ross takes us on an epic whale watching adventure with marine biologist Colleen Talty from Monterey Bay Whale Watch. There’s a deep underwater canyon in Monterey Bay that makes these waters the ideal home for a wide variety of marine mammals, including gray whales who are in the middle of migrating from their...

  • activities during COVID Jan 16, 2021

    Insomniac's New Drive-Thru Rave for All Ages

    Looking to light up your weekend? Amber’s taking us for a ride on the wild side at Electric Mile, a new audiovisual drive-thru experience from the creative masterminds at Insomniac. Take a journey through some of their most iconic music festivals as you safely dance the night away to music, live performers, lasers, and beautiful light installations in the safety...

  • activities during COVID Jan 9, 2021

    Create Some Magic at Home with WonderTent Parties

    Like many of us, Lisa Breckenridge is starting to go a little stir crazy after being stuck at home for so long. So, she called her friends at WonderTent Parties to create a magical sleepover party for her kids. It has all the fixings for a fun night in, including an outdoor movie theater with a popcorn machine, personalized snack...

  • activities during COVID Dec 9, 2020

    Paint Your Way to Inner Peace

    They say art heals the soul, so Laila’s discovering inner peace one paint stroke at a time at The Art Process. She joins mixed media artist and studio owner Kathy Leader outdoors, overlooking a picturesque view of Brentwood hills, to be guided through a meditative art experience that focuses on breath and movement.

  • activities during COVID Dec 4, 2020

    Find Your Happy Place at the Drive Thru

    Looking for a little slice of happiness? Amber’s found something to smile about at ‘Happy Place – The Drive Thru’, an immersive new experience that gives families in LA something safe and fun to do from the comfort of their own cars. Take a road trip through California as you wind through colorful installations on Rainbow Road, including the world’s...

  • activities during COVID Nov 13, 2020

    Danielle's First Ever Pottery Class

    Danielle tries her hand at the wheel in her first ever pottery class at Throw Clay LA. Owner John Prescott has taken all the necessary safety precautions to ensure his studio is a creative space where people can come in, get their hands on some clay, and let some steam out during these crazy times. Tune in as he guides...

  • interactive art Nov 5, 2020

    Hi-Tech California Dreamin'

    When we hear the word museum, we usually think, ‘don’t touch’, right? Well Amber’s got a sneak peek inside a one-of-a-kind museum that’s completely hands on – and feels like a dream.

  • Halloween Oct 14, 2020

    4 Best Ideas for Hosting Halloween During Covid

    4 Best Ideas for Hosting Halloween During Covid...
    We’ve got some good news: There are actually legitimately fun and safe ways to make Halloween extra special this year. Lifestyle expert Stacie Krajchir-Tom shares great (and doable) ideas including a Halloween candy hunt, “trunk or treating,” and festive adult beverages that will get you and your loved ones into the spirit of...

  • gift guide Oct 13, 2020

    Fall Gifts Perfect for Socially Distanced Gatherings

    Gift giving has become more complicated over this past year. What do you get someone who can’t travel, socialize, or go to the gym? Lifestyle expert Amy E. Goodman shares useful and meaningful gifts for striving to live normally during a pandemic.

  • Activities for Kids Sep 23, 2020

    Kids Go FREE at the SD Zoo & Safari Park During October (sponsored)

    Looking for ways to lift your kiddos spirits? For the entire month of October kids 11 and under are free at both the San Diego Zoo & Safari Park. Enjoy new experiences like the Safari Cabanas and glow-in-the-dark Halloween nights.

  • activities during COVID Sep 11, 2020

    Weekend Fun – Biking from Venice to Playa del Rey

    Amber Pfister takes us along for a biking adventure that ends with a socially-distant picnic in the park with friends – cheers!

  • activities during COVID Aug 5, 2020

    Surf's Up!

    Ross takes us surfing in one of his favorite spots in Santa Cruz, and give us a bit of a history lesson with a tour of the Santa Cruz Surf Museum.

  • activities during COVID Jul 17, 2020

    Social Distance Toys

    Malou Nubla checks out some new toys with which children can play with their friends at a safe distance.

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