• behind the scenes Sep 21

    Christian Keyes on New Show “All the Queen's Men”

    Actor, author, and writer Christian Keyes is kicking off a new show, “All the Queen’s Men,” premiering September 9th on BET. “California Live” catches up with Keyes on the show which is based on his book “Ladies Night.”

  • quarantine Jul 22

    Freestyle with Gus Kenworthy

    Join ski champion Gus Kenworthy as he talks to various Olympians about their quarantine experience leading up to the games.

  • behind the scenes May 18

    ‘Botched' Season 7 Secrets

    Somehow, E!’s “Botched” has had enough success to continue into the 7th season (people just can’t help but watch). “California Live” talks to Dr. Dubrow about how the pandemic impacted their current cases. Plus, we hear about his partner Paul Nassif’s own personal plastic surgery and two things Dubrow would “fix” on himself.

  • behind the scenes May 10

    ‘This Is Us' Jon Huertas Spills a New Season Secret

    You know him as the comforting calming Miguel on “This Is Us,” but now Jon Huertas is working as an actor and producer in the thriller “Initiation.” He talks to “California Live” about the importance of diversity both in front of and behind the camera. Plus, he spills a secret on what to expect in the next season of...

  • behind the scenes Apr 28

    Ricardo Chavira on Playing Selena's Father

    You know him as the hot-headed husband from “Desperate Housewives,” but Ricardo Chavira is shining in a new role that is getting him rave reviews. He tells “California Live” about acting in the role of Selena’s father in the Netflix series “Selena” which chronicles her rise to fame as she and her family make sacrifices. Chavira shares why Selena continues...

  • behind the scenes Apr 27

    Billy Crystal & Tiffany Haddish on ‘Here Today'

    “California Live” talks to comedy legends Billy Crystal and Tiffany Haddish about their new film “Here Today.” Crystal, who wrote, directed, and produced the film, shares why he absolutely had to cast Haddish, while Haddish explains why Crystal has been her greatest coach. Watch and fall in love with this dynamic duo. “Here Today” is out in theaters on May...

  • behind the scenes Apr 24

    Emery Kelly on Co-Starring With John Stamos

    “California Live” catches up with actor, singer, and dancer Emery Kelly at his home in Los Angeles. We hear about the launch of his first solo album and his role in the new Disney+ series “Big Shot” where he co-stars with John Stamos. Plus, find out what he spent doing this past year in the pandemic.

  • behind the scenes Apr 16

    ‘Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist' Jane Levy Sings With Lawrence

    The delightful Jane Levy from “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” shares her favorite season moments including the drastic shifts her character goes through after the loss of her father. On an upbeat note, we find out Levy’s go-to karaoke song. Watch as she and Lawrence break out into a little duet.

  • behind the scenes Apr 14

    ‘RHONJ' Margaret Josephs on an Emotionally-Charged Season

    Coming out of a year’s worth of quarantine the New Jersey housewives are letting it all fly. We talk to Margaret Josephs about the hyper dramatic season. “Us being in quarantine really heightened our emotions,” says Josephs. “No one held anything back.” Plus, we learn about her new book “Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget” which chronicles how she achieved success...

  • behind the scenes Apr 7

    ‘Top Chef' Judge Gail Simmons on Food Diversity

    ‘Top Chef’ Judge Gail Simmons has been named one of the top five most powerful entrepreneurs in food. We talk to her about the new season, their choice of Portland as a location, and why showcasing food with ethnic diversity is vital. “I don’t think there is anything more important,” she says. Plus, learn about her new cookbook “Bringing it...

  • behind the scenes Apr 1

    Greer Grammer Confirms ‘Frasier' Reboot

    Actress Greer Grammer, daughter to Kelsey Grammer, talks to us about her new thrilling role in “Deadly Illusions,” far from her typical girl-next-door roles. Plus, she shares what it’s like to work intimately with “Sex and the City’s” Kristin Davis. Oh, and spoiler alert, she confirms “Frasier” is making a comeback.

  • behind the scenes Mar 24

    Sway Bhatia on the Significance of ‘Mighty Ducks' Diverse Cast

    Not only is it awesome that Disney+ is coming out with a reboot of the Mighty Ducks, but it is inspiring that one of the star characters is a young girl of color. We talk to HBO Succession’s Sway Bhatia on her powerhouse role as a hockey player in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.

  • behind the scenes Mar 23

    ‘Dharma & Greg's Jenna Elfman Is Now in a Zombie Show

    The funny and charming Jenna Elfman is doing something unexpected—starring in a thriller about zombies. She tells us about her new role in Fear the Walking Dead and how she brings her experience as mother and woman to her character, June. Oh, and by the way, you can now get back into the ‘90s and watch Dharma and Greg on...

  • behind the scenes Mar 22

    Why Season 3 of ‘Mayans M.C.' Means So Much to the Cast

    Crime television drama Mayans M.C. just launched season 3 with its almost all Latino cast. We talk to stars Edward James Olmos and Danny Pino about why this season is especially significant… and terrifying. “It helps us understand each other better,” says Olomos. “It’s going to scare everybody straight.”

  • behind the scenes Mar 18

    Psychological Thriller ‘100 Days to Live' Spotlights Mental Health

    The dark days of the pandemic have provoked national conversation about mental health. Actors Colin Egglesfield and Heidi Johanningmeier tackle suicide prevention through a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. ‘100 Days to Live’ is now streaming.

  • Grammys 2021 Mar 13

    A Peek Behind the Masks, Precautions at the Pandemic Grammys

    Even reporters who have covered the Grammy Awards for many years can feel like rookies at what this year will be a ceremony like none before.

  • behind the scenes Mar 11

    Fall Madly in Love with the Stars of ‘Long Weekend'

    Looking to get swept away in a whirlwind romance this weekend? The stars of the new romantic comedy-drama ‘Long Weekend’ Finn Wittrock and Zoë Chao have more than enough on-screen chemistry to make you fall madly in love with them. They join Kim to talk about how this beautiful story will suck you in and make you believe that everything...

  • behind the scenes Mar 9

    Why Filming ‘Mixed-ish' Has Been a Healing Experience for Christina Anthony

    Before booking a role in the hit series ‘Mixed-ish’, actor and comedian Christina Anthony was at the end of her rope when it came to auditioning in LA. But, thanks to plenty of encouragement from family, she decided to go for it and it paid off! Hear why being a part of the show has been a healing experience for...

  • behind the scenes Feb 27

    Up Close & Personal with the Soulful Eric Benét

    When singer-songwriter Eric Benét was married to Halle Berry, they were called the most beautiful couple on the planet. Having spent most of his career trying to protect his private life, he’s now at a point in life where he’s confident enough to revisit previous relationships and personal experiences that made him the person he is today in his new...

  • behind the scenes Feb 25

    Your Favorite Child Actors Are Now the New ‘Millennials'

    The world grew up watching child stars Kyle Massey, Philip Bolden, Aaron Grady, Keraun Harris, and Teresa Celeste. Now they’re all grown up and starring together as a close-knit group of friends in a new comedy sitcom ‘Millennials’ they jokingly describe as the black, modern-day version of ‘Friends’. Sometimes they have so much fun while filming on set they don’t...

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