• Arizona Sep 7, 2019

    Former Cardinals Outfielder Chris Duncan Dies at 38

    Chris Duncan, the former outfielder who helped the St. Louis Cardinals win the 2006 World Series, died Friday. He was 38. Duncan, the son of former St. Louis pitching coach Dave Duncan and brother of former major leaguer Shelley Duncan, died of brain cancer in his hometown of Tucson, Arizona. “The Cardinals are deeply saddened by the passing of Chris...

  • officer Aug 22, 2019

    11-Year-Old to Make ‘It's Time for Dodger Baseball' Announcement

    An 11-year-old boy diagnosed with a brain tumor will make the “It’s time for Dodger baseball” announcement before Wednesday night’s interleague game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Dodger Stadium.

  • Governor May 16, 2019

    Public Viewings as Delaware Says Goodbye to Beau Biden

    Beau Biden will be remembered this week at a series of events in the First State.

  • America Oct 8, 2018

    Meghan McCain Makes Tearful Return to ‘The View'

    Meghan McCain is back on “The View” for the first time since the August death of her father, Sen. John McCain. She made a tearful return Monday, thanking viewers and her colleagues for their support. She said the idealism for America that her father talked about didn’t die with him when the former presidential candidate succumbed to brain cancer Aug....

  • Donald Trump Sep 4, 2018

    Will Joe Run? Biden Feels the Push to Take on Trump in 2020

    Shortly after Joe Biden boarded a recent flight from Washington to New York, a string of passengers began stopping at his seat in coach to deliver some version of the same message: Run, Joe, run. “We’re with you,” one said, according to a Democratic strategist who happened to be on the plane and witnessed the scene. “You’ve got to do...

  • Donald Trump Sep 3, 2018

    John McCain Buried at Naval Academy After 5-Day-Procession

    Sen. John McCain’s final journey ended Sunday on a grassy hill at the U.S. Naval Academy within view of the Severn River and earshot of midshipmen present and future, and alongside a lifelong friend. A horse-drawn caisson carrying the senator’s casket led a procession of mourners from the academy’s chapel to its cemetery following a private service. The senator’s widow,...

  • Donald Trump Sep 1, 2018

    Meghan McCain Takes Shots at President Trump While Honoring Her Late Father

    Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain, appeared to take shots at President Donald Trump during her eulogy at her father’s funeral.

  • Donald Trump Aug 30, 2018

    Joe Biden: McCain's Code is ‘Ageless'

    Former Vice President Joe Biden, who served with John McCain in the Senate, praised McCain’s values during a memorial service at an Arizona church on Aug. 30, 2018.

  • Donald Trump Aug 30, 2018

    Google Maps Mistakenly Shows ‘McCain Senate Office Building'

    While lawmakers debated a proposal to rename a building after the late Sen. John McCain, Google Maps displayed “McCain Senate Office Building” on its website for several hours Wednesday....
    The mix-up comes as President Donald Trump has accused Google and other U.S. tech companies of rigging search results about him “so that almost all stories & news is BAD.” Trump offered...

  • Donald Trump Aug 28, 2018

    Under Pressure, Trump Re-Lowers White House Flag for McCain

    Glowering in public and near-silent for two days, President Donald Trump relented under pressure on Monday by tersely recognizing Sen. John McCain’s “service to our country” and re-lowering the White House flag. While much of the nation remembered McCain’s record as a war hero, longtime senator and presidential nominee over the weekend, Trump had nursed his grievances. McCain had been...

  • Donald Trump Aug 27, 2018

    McCain Mourned as a ‘Hero and Statesman' as Tributes Flow

    Presidents past and present joined members of Congress from both parties and world leaders in mourning Sen. John McCain and praising him for a lifetime of service and accomplishments. Former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who blocked the Arizona Republican’s own White House ambitions, are among those expected to speak at McCain’s funeral. “My heart is broken,” Cindy...

  • NBC Aug 26, 2018

    Bipartisan Call to Rename Senate Building for John McCain

    Senators from both sides of the aisle are calling for a Senate office building to be renamed in honor of John McCain.

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Aug 24, 2018

    Sen. John McCain Stops Cancer Treatment

    The family of Sen. John McCain released a statement saying that the Arizona Republican has stopped treatment for brain cancer.

  • NBC NEWS Jun 29, 2018

    Childhood Cancer Rates Highest in Northeast, New CDC Map Shows

    A new government cancer map shows that rates of childhood cancer are highest in the Northeast United States and lowest in the South, NBC News reported. Rates of pediatric lymphoma and brain cancer are higher in the Northeast while leukemia is more common in the West, according to the map. It isn’t clear why the rates vary and, since pediatric...

  • California Jun 23, 2018

    Nearly 400 People Used California Assisted Death Law in 2017

    California health officials reported Friday that 374 terminally ill people took drugs to end their lives in 2017, the first full year after a law made the option legal. The California Department of Public Health said 577 people received aid-in-dying drugs last year, but not everyone used them. The law allows adults to obtain a prescription for life-ending drugs if...

  • White House Jun 6, 2018

    Kelly Sadler, Aide Who Mocked Ailing Sen. John McCain, Out at White House

    A West Wing aide who was dismissive of gravely ill Sen. John McCain during a closed-door meeting last month has left the White House. White House spokesman Raj Shah says, “Kelly Sadler is no longer employed within the Executive Office of the President.” Sadler told colleagues last month they should disregard McCain’s opinion on President Donald Trump’s CIA nominee because...

  • Donald Trump May 30, 2018

    Trump Rips Ailing McCain at Political Rally

    President Donald Trump slammed frequent foe Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who is battling brain cancer, for having voted against one of the measures that would have repealed Obamacare last year, NBC News reported. Speaking at a rally on Nashville, Tenn., and referring to McCain without using his name, Trump said his efforts to scrap President Barack Obama’s signature health care...

  • Donald Trump May 18, 2018

    Gina Haspel Confirmed as New CIA Director

    Veteran spy Gina Haspel will become the first female director of the CIA after six Democrats joined Republicans in a Senate confirmation vote on Thursday that overrode concerns about her role in the spy agency’s harsh interrogation program after 9/11. The 54-45 vote split both parties, and the margin was the closest for a CIA nominee in the nearly seven...

  • Donald Trump May 16, 2018

    Still No Apology for McCain From Trump Administration

    President Donald Trump met with his fellow Republicans to talk domestic policy Tuesday, while the question of whether the president owes Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., an apology loomed over the meeting. Last week a White House aide reportedly mocked McCain’s fight with brain cancer.

  • Donald Trump May 15, 2018

    CIA Nominee Toughens Interrogation Stance, Picks Up Support

    President Donald Trump’s CIA nominee appeared to be on a path toward confirmation as she picked up support from key Democrats Tuesday and toughened her public stance against harsh interrogation. “With the benefit of hindsight and my experience as a senior agency leader, the enhanced interrogation program is not one the CIA should have undertaken,” Gina Haspel said in written...

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