• California Green Dec 10, 2021

    Monarchs' Magic

    Tucked away in Pacific Grove is a magical place for Monarch Butterflies! California Live’s Ross Thomas shows us around this beautiful sanctuary.

  • California Green Oct 5, 2021

    How to Grow Succulents at Home

    If you have ever dreamed of having a garden but don’t have the space or time, Juicy Leaf provides a perfect compromise. “California Live” checks out its line of customizable succulent gardens that are easy to maintain and make for a great lush additions to the house.

  • California Green Sep 27, 2021

    Pomona's Farmer Rishi Wants You to Grow Your Own Food

    As part of our California Green initiative, “California Live” visits Sarvodaya Farms in Pomona where they grow food for the weddings and events that take place there. Farmer Rishi takes us on a tour of the nursery and tells us about the classes on gardening and their focus on agriculture education for people of color.

  • Danielle Nottingham Sep 20, 2021

    Reinvent Your Wardrobe at Suay Sew Shop

    In LA’s Frogtown neighborhood, Suay Sew Shop can turn wardrobe waste into fashionable treasure. “California Live” learns about the shop’s products created from post-consumer waste and organically grown fibers. Learn about their sustainable approach to fashion and how they cultivate upcycling to better our “daily quality of life.”

  • California Green Aug 24, 2021

    California Green: Environmental Charter Middle School

    There’s a blooming garden tucked away in Inglewood that is teaching kids the power of sustainable gardening. California Live gets a Green Ambassador tour of Environmental Charter Middle School where educator Tashanda Giles-Jones teaches everything about going green.

  • California Green Apr 28, 2021

    Fun Facts About Sustainable Wine

    Did you know California makes 80% of the wine consumed in the United States? Find out this and more wine fun facts in our interview with wine and food influencer K.C. Cornwell. For our “California Green” series she talks to us about how to define sustainability in the wine realm—from making the wine to running a winery business. Watch and...

  • California Green Apr 22, 2021

    The Best Green Toys for Your Kids

    We’ve all been reaching for educational and entertaining toys during the pandemic. As part of “California Live’s” series “California Green” we invite toy expert Laurie Schacht to school us on the best green toys on the market. Check out suggestions for eco-conscious reusable and recyclable toys for your kiddos.

  • California Green Apr 22, 2021

    Earth Day's Best Green Goods

    We’re all looking for small ways to help the planet. As part of our “California Green” series at “California Live,” we are celebrating Earth Day with the best green products. Lifestyle journalist Amy E. Goodman takes us through a curated selection of green goodies, including zero-waste sneakers, 100% recyclable clothing, and more so you can shop eco-friendly.

  • California Green Apr 22, 2021

    Why Surf Therapy Is Effective for Children

    Rosalyn Sarah struggled growing up in the foster system until she discovered surfing as her safe haven. Now she is the founder of Inner City Surf Club which invites foster children to hit the waves. “Just being here, how can you not have a sense of peace?” says Sarah. “California Live’s” Kim Caldwell learns about the organization’s impact in honor...

  • California Green Apr 20, 2021

    Fashion Line Wants to Achieve UN's Sustainability Goals

    As part of our “California Green” series, we check out an eco-friendly fashion line with a mission to achieve a majority of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Claire Powers from KINdom designs sustainable and ethical clothing by upcycling materials, making shirt dresses out of bamboo, using indigenous patterns throughout her line, and more.

  • California Green Mar 18, 2021

    The Ocean Cleanup Turns Trash Into Treasure

    California is one of the most beautiful states in the country and we want to do our part to keep it that way. So, we’re launching a special series ‘California Green’ and putting Ross on ocean cleanup duty. Showing him the ropes is Boyan Slat—the founder of The Ocean Cleanup—who’s on a mission to completely rid the world’s oceans of...

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