• climate hacks Sep 19, 2021

    Climate Hack: Shower Water Saver

    We all have to do it – take a shower. But have you ever stopped to think about how much water your shower uses? And how much gets wasted? There’s something simple you can do to help save thousands of gallons a year.

  • climate hacks Sep 19, 2021

    Climate Hack: Gift Wrap Problems

    It seems like there’s always a birthday party, baby shower or some other celebration. That means lots of fun gifts, and not-so-planet-friendly gift wrap that ends up in the trash. But there are several things you can do the next time you wrap a present that can help keep millions of pounds of paper out of the trash.

  • climate hacks Sep 19, 2021

    Climate Hack: Sunscreen Mess

    It helps protect our skin from the sun – rain or shine. The problem is, sunscreen is a real planet problem when it gets washed off. That’s because when you wash your face, take a shower or swim in the ocean, the chemicals in the sunscreen get into our waterways. But there are certain sunscreen products you can look for...

  • climate hacks Aug 27, 2021

    Climate Hack: Cleaning Up Our Cleaning Products

    It seems like there’s always a mess around the house that needs to be cleaned up. But there are a couple of problems with most of our go-to cleaners and the bottles they come in. The good news? There are two easy swaps that can make your cleaning products more planet friendly.

  • climate hacks Aug 27, 2021

    Climate Hack: Cupcake Wrapper Swap

    Do you do a lot of baking? Things like cupcakes and muffins? You might not even realize, but a small, every day task like that can have a big impact on our Earth. But there’s an easy swap you can make in the kitchen that will make your next batch of baked goods more planet-friendly.

  • climate hacks Aug 22, 2021

    Climate Hack: Energy Saver

    You’ve probably been told to turn off the lights in the house at least once in your life. The average American family uses enough energy each month to power a lightbulb for an entire year. And producing the energy needed to power that lightbulb puts a lot of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. But there are ways we can cut...

  • climate hacks Aug 21, 2021

    Climate Hack: Laundry Life Saver

    Laundry is one of those must-do chores, but most of us are actually washing our clothes too often. That isn’t great for your clothes. It also wastes a lot of water. But there are ways to cut back on how often you do your laundry that can really help the planet – and might even help your clothes last longer,...

  • climate hacks Jun 27, 2021

    Climate Hack: Food Waste Foul

    This last year, most of us turned our homes into everything from offices to classrooms to gyms. And our kitchens are getting a lot more use, too. But have you ever noticed how much food you’re tossing out of the fridge at the end of the week. Each of us tosses approximately 220 pounds of food a year. Check out...

  • climate hacks Jun 26, 2021

    Climate Hack: Plastic Loofah Pass

    They’re great for exfoliating skin, but not so great for the planet. Plus, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. So let’s pass on those plastic loofahs and opt for something more sustainable.

  • climate hacks Jun 26, 2021

    Climate Hack: Mascara Madness

    It might make your lashes look great, but a small container of mascara has a huge impact on the planet. One estimate says the cosmetics industry contributes to the loss of 18 million acres of forest each year. Switching to a more sustainable mascara brand can really help in the long run.

  • climate hacks Apr 17, 2021

    Climate Hack: Dish Sponge Disaster

    You’ve probably never thought about it. But those sponges we use to wash the dishes are dirtying our planet. We go through an average of two a month. And when we throw out old sponges, it takes them hundreds of years to break down. But there’s something you can use instead that will have you throwing out half as many...

  • climate hacks Apr 12, 2021

    Climate Hack: Plastic Bag Problem

    Most of us use them when we go to the grocery store. We’re talking about plastic bags. Whether it’s the produce bags or the plastic bags you get at the checkout stand – those plastic bags are used for an average of 12 minutes. What’s worse is most plastic bags, including those produce bags can’t be recycled because of how...

  • climate hacks Apr 12, 2021

    Climate Hack: Hand Lotion Hitch

    We’re all washing our hands like crazy these days and when our hands get dry, we reach for the hand lotion. But so many lotions come in plastic bottles – and it’s no secret those bottles are bad for the planet. Johnson & Johnson says nearly 40% of Americans don’t recycle in the bathroom at all. Let’s reach for a...

  • climate hacks Apr 11, 2021

    Climate Hack: Snack Bag Situation

    Plastic snack bags are handy for taking food on the go. The problem is, they’re typically used just once before getting thrown out. In 2015 alone, we threw out more than 141 tons of plastic – including plastic snack bags. So let’s ditch those single-use bags and opt for something that can be used over and over again.

  • climate hack Mar 27, 2021

    Climate Hack: Dryer Sheet Dilemma

    Many of us toss them in the dryer with our clothes and don’t think twice about it. But what if we did stop to think about dryer sheets – and what they’re doing to our clothes, skin and the environment? Wool dryer balls are a great alternative. Using dryer balls can cut energy use by 25%. That can cut...

  • climate hacks Mar 23, 2021

    Climate Hack: Straw Setback

    500 million. That’s how many single-use plastic straws Americans use every day – enough to fill 127 school buses. But they’re recyclable right? Wrong. Plastic straws are something we can easily do without. Switching to a more Earth-friendly alternative doesn’t require us to make a big change in our lifestyle and will have a huge, positive impact on the planet...

  • climate hacks Mar 20, 2021

    Climate Hack: Silverware Snag

    In the United States, 40 billion plastic utensils are thrown away every year. They can’t be recycled because they are too small and too lightweight for the recycling machines. So those 40 billion plastic forks, spoons and knives will sit in the landfill for 1,000 years while they break down. Instead of using that plastic silverware, let’s carry reusable utensils...

  • climate hacks Mar 20, 2021

    Climate Hack: Doggy Don'ts

    Being a responsible pet owner means cleaning up after my pup’s stinky mess. Some days I use two or three of these bags between all of our walks. That means I use more than 1,000 plastic dog poop bags a year. But there’s a more planet-friendly option than using plastic bags that will sit in the dump for years before...

  • climate change Mar 6, 2021

    Climate Hack: The Thing About Floss

    Most floss is made out of nylon and coated in wax. Under the best conditions, a single piece of floss you use to get that corn out of your teeth takes about 80 years to break down. And get this – if we added up all floss used by Americans each year, it would be enough to circle the earth...

  • climate in crisis Mar 6, 2021

    Climate Hack: Chapstick Crunch

    More than a billion plastic Chapstick tubes get tossed into landfills each year. They can’t be recycled because the ingredient most lip balms are made from aren’t good for the environment. Let’s make a switch to refillable lip balm, or Chapstick that comes in a cardboard tube. Even if just some of us swapped, think about how much plastic we’d...

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