• Deals & Steals Nov 16

    Is This a Party Gamechanger?

    The Aduro Amplify Chill LED Ice Bucket Speaker has a triple threat, it will chill your drinks, play your beats, and light up your party. Plus, a built-in rechargeable battery powers the colorful LED lights that glow along with your wirelessly connected music. Get 50% off at adeals.com.

  • Deals & Steals Nov 8

    Charge 6 Devices at Once

    Wouldn’t it be nice to charge your phone, computer, and tablet all at once from one device? ChargeHub has award-winning technology that charges up to six devices using only one outlet. Plus, it’s equipped with smart speed technology to charge fast. Get 54% off at adeals.com.

  • Deals & Steals Oct 27

    Get Organized With Desktop Charging Station

    Is your desk a mess from too many power cords? This smart product may help you. The Power Up Surge Duo Desktop Charging Station sits right on top of your desk with two outlets and two USB options so you can stay organized. Get 50% off adeals.com.

  • Deals & Steals Oct 22

    Easy-to-Make Smoothie

    Everyone loves a good smoothie but making them can be time consuming and buying them can be expensive. Luckily, Blendi Pro is so easy to use (portable and chargeable) you’ll have no excuse not to get the vital fruits and vegetables to keep you healthy. Get 21% off on adeals.com.

  • Deals & Steals Oct 18

    Take Control of Your Home from Your Phone

    How many remotes do you have at home? We’re guessing too many. Brookstone Smart Wi-Fi Remote turns your smart phone into a universal remote where you can access your home from anywhere. Plus, it’s equipped with motion detection and night vision so you won’t miss a thing when you are away. Get 40% off on...adeals.com.......


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  • Deals & Steals Oct 8

    De-stress With the Calming Cozy

    “California Live” offers the next best thing to being cocooned in a blanket! The Calming Cozy will gently massage and warm your feel while wrapping them in luxurious Sherpa.
    Get 30% off at adeals.com!

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  • Deals & Steals Sep 28

    Sleep Deep With CleanLight Snooze

    CleanLight Snooze is a solution-based product to help you sleep better. It’s a white noise machine, an essential oil diffuser, sleep timer, and a night light. Plus, it’s small and portable. Get 23% off on adeals.com.

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  • Deals & Steals Sep 8

    How to Get Thick Eyebrows in Two Weeks

    Stress, hormones, and many more factors can contribute to hair loss for women with aging hair. Better Not Younger’s range of serum products promote hair, eyebrow, and lash growth. Get 25% off on adeals.com

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  • Deals & Steals Sep 1

    A Cooling Therapy That Won't Give You Freezer Burn

    Onyx Cool is a wearable cool therapy system for healing aches and pains in common areas that hurt, like your knees or back. What’s more, it’s not made of ice but a plant-based technology which you can wear directly on the skin without getting ice burns. Get 40-47% off...adeals.com.......


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  • Deals & Steals Jun 28

    Stay Safe With Smart Necklace

    When you’re traveling alone, and in potential unsafe situations, it’s smart to have a safety plan. Protect yourself with invisaWear—a smart necklace that notifies five different people with your GPS location when you’re in trouble. Get 28% off on adeals.com.

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  • Deals & Steals Jun 8

    Best Cooling Fan for Hot Summers

    The weather is warming up and for many people across California that means hot days ahead. The Mission Cooling Fan is essentially an air conditioner in your hand that will cool you off while at the beach, gardening, or just getting into your heated car after shopping. Get 25% off on adeals.com.

  • Deals & Steals Jun 23

    Your Best Skincare Tool

    SolaWave is a five-minute facial tool that combines wrinkle reducing treatments including red light therapy, vibrating massage, and more. After two weeks of effectively treating your skin (the combing sensation is actually quite calming) you can see the results. Get 25 to 27 % off on adeals.com.

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  • Deals & Steals Jun 4

    Easy-to-Install Camera Security System

    Have you ever had a package stolen from your doorstep? Package pirates make homeowners feel unsafe and violated. It’s time to install a smart home security system, monitored from your phone, that brings a sense of security. Amazon Blink is so easy to install all you need is two screws and few minutes. Get the deal on...adeals.com.......


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  • Deals & Steals Jun 2

    The Most Genius Grocery Shopping Bags

    Wouldn’t it be great to organize the food you buy while shopping? The Lotus Trolley Bag is like a filing system that sits in your grocery cart where you can store and organize both cold produce and dried foods so you can mindlessly unpack at home. Get 40% off on adeals.com.

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  • Deals & Steals Jun 24

    Drained Car Battery? Use JumpSmart

    If you’re stuck on the side of the road with a dead car battery, do you know how to use your emergency toolbox? The JumpSmart is an easy-to-use portable power solution that will jump start your car. Get 29% off on adeals.com.

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  • Deals & Steals May 24

    Easy At-Home Steam Shower

    ZenTyme Moments is taking self-care to the next level. With their Luxury Shower Steamer you can easily experience an aromatherapy steamed shower or bath. “California Live’s” Genevieve Gorder attests that it calms and soothes for a wonderful “me moment”. Get 27% off at adeals.com.

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  • Deals & Steals May 20

    These Reusable Produce Bags are Genius

    You probably couldn’t count the amount of small plastic bags you use at the grocery store to stock up on fruits and vegetables. Now, you can help the environment with Lotus Sustainables’ reusable produce bags. Bonus, the bags double as a storage tool to keep your fridge organized. Get 40% off on...adeals.com.......


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  • Deals & Steals May 18

    Soothe Your Aches & Pains With These Compression Sleeves

    You can get aches and pains at any age, especially in joint areas such as the knees and elbows. Green Drop Compression Sleeves compress the area that hurts and promotes better circulation. Plus, they are infused with soothing pain ointments. Get 20% off at adeals.com.
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  • Deals & Steals May 17

    Clean the Air You Breathe with Cleanlight Air Pro

    You may spend hours out of your busy week cleaning the surfaces of your home, so why wouldn’t you clean the air you breathe? Cleanlight Air Pro purifies up to 99.9% of the bacteria, smoke, mold, and odor out of your air. Get 22-30% off on www.adeals.com.

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  • Deals & Steals May 13

    Need a Good Night's Sleep? Rethink Your Mattress

    Getting a new mattress can be an ordeal—they’re expensive and heavy to move. Thankfully, BlanQuil has a luxurious memory foam mattress that is delivered in a box and offers the right amount of support to cradle your body. Get 17-38% off on adeals.com.

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