• Census Feb 15, 2020

    Shift to Digital Census Raises Fear of Iowa-Like Breakdown

    The stakes are high when a major civic exercise involves a large population, new technology that has not been thoroughly tested and an entire country waiting on the results. Just ask the organizers of the Iowa caucuses, which offered a cautionary tale on the technological woes that could befall a big political event. Some observers worry that this year’s...

  • privacy Jan 2, 2020

    California Vastly Expands Digital Privacy. Will People Use It?

    Forty million Californians will soon have sweeping digital-privacy rights stronger than any seen before in the U.S., posing a significant challenge to Big Tech and the data economy it helped create. So long as state residents don’t mind shouldering much of the burden of exercising those rights, that is. Come Wednesday, roughly one in 10 Americans will gain the...

  • California Oct 15, 2019

    More Cases of ‘Revenge Porn' Being Reported in San Diego

    The number of “revenge porn” cases reported to the San Diego Police Department is growing each year, according to data obtained by NBC 7 Investigates. Why at least one attorney thinks the increase is a sign of positive change.

  • Facebook Dec 6, 2018

    Documents Show Facebook Used User Data as Competitive Weapon

    Internal Facebook documents released by a U.K. parliamentary committee offer the clearest evidence yet that the social network has used its enormous trove of user data as a competitive weapon, often in ways designed to keep its users in the dark. Parliament’s media committee accused Facebook on Wednesday of cutting special deals with some app developers to give them more...

  • Facebook Nov 26, 2018

    Confidential Facebook Documents Seized by UK Parliament

    Britain’s parliament has seized confidential Facebook documents from the developer of a now-defunct bikini photo searching app as it turns up the heat on the social media company over its data protection policies. A British lawmaker took the unusually aggressive move of forcing a visiting tech executive to turn over the files ahead of an international hearing that parliament is...

  • Supreme Court Jun 23, 2018

    Supreme Court Continues to Extend Digital Privacy Protections

    The Supreme Court ruled a 5-4 decision generally requiring police to obtain warrants for any cellular tracking data.

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