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  • Los Angeles Nov 8, 2019

    Kanye West Vows to Move Yeezy Manufacturing to the Americas

    A few fun facts about Kanye West: He’s running for president in 2024, he recited color psychology to wife Kim Kardashian West as she sat in a morning bath Thursday, and he was fired at 16 for shoplifting at the Gap where he worked. West, with Kim in tow, let loose with those pearls and more during a surprise 35-minute...

  • Head Jul 5, 2019

    Here’s How Criminals Use Stolen Passport Information

    The theft of as many as 5 million passport numbers from the Marriott hotel chain last year continues to worry consumers worried that criminals were using their information for fraud or even travel. Unlike credit card data or personal Social Security numbers, there are few mechanisms in place to alert consumers that their passport numbers have been stolen and possibly...

  • food Nov 27, 2018

    Zimmern Apologizes For Comments About Chinese Restaurants

    “Bizarre Foods ” host Andrew Zimmern is apologizing for his comments about Chinese restaurants after he was criticized as culturally insensitive. Zimmern just opened his own Chinese restaurant, Lucky Cricket, in Minnesota. Last week, Fast Company posted an interview from the summer in which Zimmern says he was saving the souls of people who dine at “(expletive) restaurants masquerading as...

  • Facebook Apr 11, 2018

    Is Facebook Regulation ‘Inevitable’? Not So Fast

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told lawmakers that regulation of his company is “inevitable,” but still came to Capitol Hill prepared to defend against proposals he thought went too far....
    He rarely had to. After about 10 hours of hearings on Tuesday and Wednesday, markets rallied and privacy advocates were disappointed at the prospect that Facebook appeared to emerge unscathed, left to...

  • Twitter Jun 9, 2017

    Marvel Surprises Fans with ‘Black Panther’ Poster, Movie Trailer Also to Be Released

    Set to be released February 16 2018, fans are given a glimpse of actor Chadwick Boseman’s embodiment of the comic book character.

  • United States Apr 19, 2017

    Ikea May Open Standalone Restaurants, Cafes

    Famous for selling ready-to-assemble furniture and savory Swedish meatballs in the same warehouse, Ikea may soon expand its food service, a company spokesperson has confirmed to “Today.” Ikea is considering opening its own standalone restaurants and cafes. Though the large retailer didn’t reveal details of where or when these independent eateries may appear. About 30 percent of Ikea customers head...

  • United States Oct 9, 2016

    Secretary of State John Kerry to Participate in Valley Tech Events

    Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in the Bay Area on Monday for a couple of global tech industry events.

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