• inspiring kids Oct 13

    Kid Starts Global Recycling Program and It's Working

    At the age of 3 Ryan Hickman visited a recycling center with his dad and it was decided—collecting bags and cans was his life’s purpose. Since then, Ryan has recycled over one million bottles and cans and started a non-profit which raises money for recycling awareness (AKA helping people figure out what piece of trash goes in what bin). “If...

  • inspiring kids Oct 5

    Meet the World's Youngest Exhibiting Artist

    It’s not that often that a child prodigy graces our presence. Meet Aria Luna, the world’s youngest exhibiting artist with a soulful personality. Not only is she recognized for creating masterpieces at two-years-old, but she is now starting a global campaign to generate equality awareness using her art as a tool. “We’re the future, we have to make this right,”...

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