• Bay City News Jul 19, 2019

    Suspect Robs Driver at Gunpoint After Road Rage Incident

    Palo Alto police are searching for a suspect who robbed a man at gunpoint after a road rage argument Thursday morning.

  • San Jose Mar 19, 2018

    Santa Rosa Officer Assaulted

    A Santa Rosa police officer suffered a broken nose after a homeless man punched him in the face. Police reported that the officer was breaking up a fight outside a Safeway. Witnesses say one of the men in the fight tried to attack a Safeway worker. The officer chased and tackled the suspect who tried to run away. The officer…

  • San Francisco Mar 19, 2018

    Library Demand Jumps in San Francisco

    People in San Francisco apparently want to spend more time at the library. New recommendations from the city suggest adding hours on Fridays and Sundays. The San Francisco Examiner is reporting on the proposed changes. The paper says the library’s budget is set to grow by about $25 million in the next fiscal year. This past summer, the library added…

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Mar 19, 2018

    Burger King Takes On Net Neutrality

    Burger King is taking a crack at explaining net neutrality using hamburgers.

  • San Francisco Feb 5, 2018

    Self-Driving Technology Lawsuit Heads to San Francisco

    A legal battle over self-driving technology will head to a San Francisco courtroom. Google’s Waymo accuses Uber of ripping off key pieces of its self-driving car technology in 2016, charges Uber denies.

  • California Jan 24, 2018

    Politicians Push to Support Homeless Youth in California

    State Senator Scott Wiener and a Southern California assemblywoman are slated to introduce a new bill aimed at helping the rising number of homeless young people in California. It comes on the same day that homeless and formerly homeless youth from around the state will meet with politicians.

  • California Jan 18, 2018

    PG&E to Add 7,500 EV Chargers in NorCal by 2020

    More electric vehicle charging stations are coming to Northern California. It’s a new program that PG&E is launching to help people ditch those gas guzzlers for electric cars. Stations will be installed at condos, apartment buildings and businesses. Fifteen percent of new charging stations will be in “disadvantaged communities.” Remember California has big goals to cut its greenhouse gas...

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Jan 16, 2018

    Muir Woods Reservation System Begins

    There will be big changes if you plan to visit Muir Woods. A new reservation system begins Tuesday. Parking and shuttle reservations will be required. The parking fee is $8 and will go up every two years. The shuttle fee will be $3. Park officials say large crowds and traffic congestion prompted the move. Reservations can be made online.

  • San Jose Jan 16, 2018

    Residential Tower Planned Near Proposed Google Village in Downtown San Jose

    A plan to add housing in downtown San Jose is moving forward. The Mercury News reports that developers are planning to build a seven-story residential complex near the corner of Julian and Stockton streets. That’s right by the proposed Google village where the tech giant wants to build office space near the Diridon Station. The paper reports the new...

  • San Francisco Nov 27, 2017

    Multiple Crashes Clog Traffic on Highway 17

    At least three crashes on Highway 17 in the Santa Cruz Mountains overnight triggered at least two Sig-Alerts. Sharon Katsuda reports.

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Nov 13, 2017

    Caltrain Electrification Kicks Off

    PG&E crews on Monday will start the process of relocating utility poles on the Caltrain corridor. It’s being done as part of Caltrain’s electrification project, which is slated to wrap up in 2022. Crews will replace and move some 200 power poles starting with work in South San Francisco and San Bruno.  

  • San Francisco Oct 19, 2017

    Report Outlines San Francisco's Plan to Bring Internet to Every Home

    A new report details plans to bring high-speed internet to every home in San Francisco. The cost of the project is nearly $2 billion. The report, which was put together by a consulting company, calls for the installation of fiber optic cables throughout the city. Then the city – through a utility – will provide low cost internet service. Companies…

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Oct 3, 2017

    Santa Clara County Considers Change to Bail System

    Supervisors will consider a plan to overhaul Santa Clara County’s bail system for people accused of minor or non-violent crimes. Supervisors will vote on reforms, including new release options for low-income and low-risk defendants. It would also include a new community-based program to help post bail for low-income defendants. If that program is approved, it would be the first...

  • San Francisco Oct 3, 2017

    First Step in Removal of San Francisco's Pioneer Statue

    San Francisco leaders have taken the first step in the removal of a statue considered offensive to Native Americans. The “Pioneer Monument” is an 800-ton sculpture located between the city’s main library and Asian Art Museum in Civic Center. Critics say the statue, which depicts a Native American fallen in defeat, glorifies genocide and racism. There has been an...

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Oct 2, 2017

    People With Bay Ties Escape Harm in Vegas

    People with Bay Area ties in Las Vegas describe what they heard and saw as a gunman opened fire at an outdoor music festival. Bob Redell reports.

  • San Francisco Sep 28, 2017

    Push to Provide Housing for Teachers in the Bay Area

    City leaders in San Francisco on Wednesday plan to hold a public meeting to talk about providing housing for educators.

  • San Francisco Sep 26, 2017

    SJPD Officer Rear-Ended in South Bay

    A South Bay officer was taken to the hospital after being read-ended in a crash. The collision happened just before 3 a.m. near the intersection of Camden and Union avenues. Police said the officer’s SUV was rear-ended while at a red light. There was major damage to the back of the vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle was...

  • San Francisco Sep 19, 2017

    SF Leaders Mull Option to Deter Thieves From Hitting Rental Cars

    San Francisco leaders will vote on a plan to make rental cars less vulnerable to thieves. Supervisors are considering two proposals. One calls for rental car companies to remove barcode stickers and other obvious advertising from their vehicles. The other requires rental car companies to educate tourists on taking their valuables with them. Police say car break-ins are especially prevalent…

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Sep 6, 2017

    Solar Storm Could Lead to Aurora Visible in Northern California

    A solar storm featuring two large sun-spot groups were visible on Tuesday. The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center says this could mean that people from Northern California to Washington State may see an aurora or expanded northern lights.

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Sep 5, 2017

    September is National Family Meal Month

    Sitting down for a family dinner is not as easy as it used to be, according to family and food marketing researchers. A recent survey found that only about 57 percent of parents eat dinner with their children each night. As children go back to school this month, researchers are reminding everyone that September is national family meal month. They’re…

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