• No Mans Land Apr 13

    No Man's Land (Broadcast Version)

    In “No Man’s Land,” NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit uncovers systemic barriers putting families, like Mike and Dani, in danger by denying basic services to single fathers. Our team holds public officials accountable for a complex web of anti-male biases, racism and outdated rules that often shut these fathers out of housing, child care and even emergency shelter.

  • No Mans Land Jan 26

    No Man's Land: Reporter Q&A

    Our new digital-exclusive series “No Man’s Land” is out now. Here’s Digital Correspondent Abbey Fernández and Investigative Reporter Candice Nguyen with an episode breakdown of the 5-part series.

  • No Mans Land Jan 25

    As Families Fight for Housing and Child Care, Help Is on the Way

    NBC Bay Area’s digital investigative series NO MAN’S LAND exposes a broken system that denies single fathers basic services. During the 10-month investigation, the Investigative Unit tracked the agencies and resources that help single fathers and struggling parents keep their families together.  A growing number of low-income single fathers are often denied basic services. “Why is it that I...

  • the investigative unit Jan 12

    No Man's Land: Fighting for Fatherhood in a Broken System

    Just as Mike’s baby is born, the mother is showing signs of delusional schizophrenia. When her destructive episodes escalate, she’s incarcerated and Mike and his baby daughter, Dani, are evicted from their apartment. Unable to work and care for his infant at the same time, Mike loses his job. He and Dani are suddenly homeless. Desperate for a safe...

  • digital originals Jan 12

    No Man's Land Ch. 1: Single and Homeless With a Baby

    On top of losing his job and home, Mike has to raise his baby daughter on his own. After homeless shelters reject him because he has a child, he gets a surprising phone call with an offer to help.

  • digital originals Jan 12

    No Man's Land Ch. 2: Crime and Punishment

    Sitting in jail, not knowing where his kids are, Brandon hits rock bottom. When he resolves to get clean and be a father, no one will rent him an apartment. NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit exposes the housing program that keeps people like Brandon out on the streets.

  • digital originals Jan 12

    No Man's Land Ch. 3: Dinosaurs, Predators and Housing

    A decades-old crime can bar someone from housing, even if they are reformed, gainfully employed and a father with children depending on him. NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit confronts one city official about a housing program that calls people with criminal pasts “weeds” and “two-legged predators” that need to be eliminated.

  • digital originals Jan 12

    No Man's Land Ch. 4: The Child Care Lifeline

    As Mike and John hang on by a thread, a child care crisis and the pandemic threaten to drive the single fathers back to the streets. NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit exposes social stigmas that make it harder for single dads to get essential services.

  • digital originals Jan 12

    No Man's Land Ch. 5: Black Dads and a Shared Story

    Single dads meet to talk about the “absent black father” myth and its damaging effects. One university study finds most children’s books about African-American families perpetuate the stigma.

  • digital originals Jan 12

    No Man's Land: Behind the Story

    Investigative reporter Candice Nguyen reveals how a chance meeting with a struggling single father awakened her own childhood memories and led her on a ten-month journey creating NO MAN’S LAND.

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