• ocean pollution Jan 14

    Manatees Are Dying of Starvation. Here's How We Can Protect Them

    Manatees are dying of starvation after ecological changes have killed off some of their food supply – and helped toxic organisms take root on the rest. “There have been so many years of change… it’s going to take a lot of work to restore the ecosystem that we once had,” environmental engineer and NOAA scientist Dr. Tracy Fanara tells LX...

  • ocean pollution Nov 12, 2021

    Meet the Marine Scientist Turning Ocean Trash Into Works of Art

    Marine scientist and artist Ethan Estess gets packages from people all over the country with waste pulled from the oceans that he then turns into art. The goal of his work is not just to clean up garbage and create art — but to draw attention to policies creating the waste. NBCLX contributor Greg Bledsoe brings his Family Geography Project...

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